Photo Classes

Photography Classes

I am offering 5 hour photography classes and workshops.  Here you can learn at your own pace and only the thing YOU want to learn about photography and retouching.  The class can cover any or several of these fundamental photography and retouching tutorials:

  • Basic Lighting – includes flash and hot light setups
  • Moderate Lighting – includes flash, using modifiers, and DIY modifiers
  • Advanced Lighitng – includes flash, modifiers, some DIY, and use of 4 to 5 light setups
  • Composing an image –  setup, framing, use of lighting for effect
  • Use of Camera – using a DSLR on full manual to have control over images
  • Lenses – what they do and which is best for what you need
  • Retouching – Basic Portrait Retouching
  • Retouching – Advanced Retouching including background changes

Each person in the class will get a folder with Photography 101 booklet, lighting diagrams, and lists of items needed to build a studio makeup kit and a photographers shoot kit.

Classes are $250 and this includes the folder of paperwork and the models fee.  $50 deposit required at booking, $200 due day of class.



Email Laura Dark - Phone: (614) 594-DARK