Boudoir photo shoots

Showing off your sexy side is what our boudoir package is all about. Hair, makeup and a vast array of lingerie is what’s waiting for you!

Gothic Romance photo shoots

Our “Gothic Romance” package is a great way to get out your “alter ego”. With our beautiful gothic and Victorian gowns and dark smokey makeup, this is usually set against dark backgrounds of the mysterious graveyards and haunted castles.

Pinup photo shoots

Our package includes classic pinup makeup, retro style hair and extensive vintage wardrobe selection. Travel back in time and show your fun side!

Ethereal photo shoots

This delicately beautiful package, is the perfect blend of soft glamour and other-wordly poetry captured. The light airy feel of the makeup, hair, and wardrobe along with the special effects in camera and in post make this one of our most poplar packages.

Cosplay & Conceptual photo shoots

Wonder Woman! Cat Woman! Malificent! You can be whomever you choose with our new exciting Cosplay offer! Bring your costume and let us do your hair, makeup, and shoot you as your next Cosplay character! Don’t have a costume, it’s ok, we can probably edit one for you! We are collaborating with Cosplay Editing from Italy to bring you the future of Cosplaying! Ask us for details on this package!

Beauty photo shoots

Our “Beauty” package features the power of makeup, hair, and accessories in this classic style of editorial beauty photography. Choose a basic pretty makeup style or an outrageous hair and makeup to go all out!

Fashion & Editorial photo shoots

Looking for a photographer to shoot your next Fashion Editorial? Look no further! Laura Dark has been featured in 100’s of magazines and has the covers of over 50 international fashion magazines under her belt! These sets tell a story through fashion, makeup, hair, location, and lighting!

Ironwood Wolves photo shoots

With an Ironwood shoot you’ll receive your style of hair, makeup and selection from our extensive wardrobe. A once in a lifetime opportunity you’ll not want to miss!

Belly Dancers photo shoots

Our ability to capture the flowing veils and shimming hip beads will leave you breathless. We love dancing and belly dancing is one of our favorite sets to shoot with the vibrant colors and great movement! We offer traditional makeup as well as tribal and even henna designs!