Ala Carte Pricing

Sets and Day Rates

  • Basic Shoot – 6 Edited Images – $150
  • Advanced Shoot – 10 Edited Images – 2 wardrobe changes – $250
  • Half Day Rate (4 sets) 10 Edited Images Each Set – $750
  • Day Rate (8 sets) 10 Edited Images Each Set – $1100

Editing Additional Images (per photo)

When you purchase a package you will receive a previously agreed upon number of edited images (usually between 4-10 images). Should you want additional images or additional editing, these will be priced per extra photo edited.

  • Basic Skin – Editing to improve skin texture, remove blemishes, slim the waistline, and remove stray hairs or other small flaws – $10
  • Background replacement – Inserting a fantasy background or other background elements – $30
  • Full Body Editing – Major changes to a body image, including but not limited to skin tone change, addition or removal of hair, extreme makeup edit, or other special effects – $40
  • Image Makeover – Including but not limited to background replacement, full body editing, and skin and hair perfection. – $60

Laura Dark Studio has several hair artists on staff who are experienced stylists as well as sculpture artists. To get the most out of your images professional hair and makeup is recommended, not to mention it is one of Team Dark’s specialties.
If you are purchasing a package with hair, we ask that you arrive with clean and dry hair the day of the shoot.

  •   Hair Styling – Styling the model’s own hair with no synthetic added – $35
  • Hair Sculpture – The model’s hair is combined with synthetic pieces to create a completely different look or complex character – $65
  • Hair Sculpture Over 3 feet – Fully synthetic wigs and hair pieces over 3 feet tall – $75


Laura Dark Studio is home to some of the most experienced and published makeup artists in the business. We are pleased to offer everything from basic beauty looks to highly detailed and involved special effects and theatrical packages.
If you are purchasing a package with makeup we ask that you arrive with clean, moisturized skin and nails.

  • Basic Beauty Makeup – Pinup, bridal, swimsuit, glamour – Between $50 and $75 a look (please contact makeup artist for details)
  • Intermediate Makeup – Heavy coloration or shading on top of a basic look (second look only) – $50
  • Conceptual Makeup – Heavily conceptual looks that take the most amount of time, product and detail – $100 – $150 (please contact makeup artist for details)
  • Theatrical or SFX – prosthetics and other professional theatrical elements may be used, these generally take the most amount of time and must be priced per look by the artist.
  • Makeup Half Day and Full Day Rates: Priced on per shoot basis. Please contact the makeup artist for further details.


Laura Dark Studio is fully equipped to provide wardrobe for most clients. Should you require a specific wardrobe piece or look, please inquire beforehand so that we may better provide for what you have in mind.

  • Wardrobe #1 – Wardrobe is chosen from the current offerings at the studio, or may be partially created by the team – $50
  • Wardrobe #2 – Wardrobe is completely provided by the studio or team. Designers may be contracted into loaning out specific pieces for a shoot as agreed upon in advance by the model – $100


This consists of assisting the model with getting in and out of wardrobe if needed, supplying accessories from the studio or a team member’s personal collection OR supplementing a look with additional wardrobe pieces.

  • Styling per look – $20
  • Styling Half Day Rate (4 looks) – $65
  • Styling Day Rate (8 looks) – $110

Pose Coaching

Laura Dark Studio also is pleased to offer pose coaching. We will help the model through various poses or assisting the model in posing to ensure the best possible images. Geared towards new models who are working on building a better portfolio, or clients who just want fun images, pose coaching is the best way to achieve excellent all around images.

  • Pose Coaching Single Set – $30 per set
  • Pose Coaching Half Day Rate (4 sets)- $ 100
  • Pose Coaching Day Rate (8 sets)- $ 180