Mandi & Bryan McIver

I have had the honor of working with Laura and Team Dark twice now, and it’s not nearly enough. The entirety of the team is so incredibly warm and encouraging through the entire experience, you will feel like you have your own cheering squad. I will never forget seeing my first set of images, I sat down on the floor and burst into tears because it was the first time I ever felt truly beautiful in a photograph, it was incredibly empowering. I will never be able to thank Laura and her team enough for bringing some joy to my life, and welcoming me into their creepy little family.

Speaking from experience I have a few things to say about Laura Dark Photography and the staff- when we first walked in the door we were welcomed like the best of friends with a hug and a smile. It took no time at all for my wife and I to relax and begin the process of getting ready for the photo shoot. Cat worked on my wife’s hair, with her wonderful talent and focus on detail she had my wife’s hair looking as ferocious , stunning and amazing as any women would want for any occasion!!!!!Jen, the make up artist, was a wonderful, easy going and as professional as anyone would want. With every application of makeup applied I could see my wife’s anxiety disappear and turn into nothing but confidence and excitement. Once Jen was finished, we then met the very lovely and talented pose coach, Robyn. Once again we were met with nothing less than professionalism while still being treated like great friends. Me made our way to the site with the very talented and wonderful Laura who showed so much enthusiasm and respect for what we were wanting out of our very first photo shoot together as a couple. With a coaching from Robyn and Laura, we had an amazing experience and time with the crew at Laura Dark Photography. You always want to walk away from an amazing experience with great memories but at Laura Dark Photography we walked away making, not only great memories but, friends and a lasting impression on this company with is nothing short of amazing. Do yourself a favor and check this crew out!!!!!!!!