Working with Laura was an amazing and aesthetic experience. Her crew are inspiring and professional. It’s an unending goal to do shoots with her.


Carrie Richins

I got back all of the photos from my photo shoot this morning. All I can say is that I am completely blown away by how amazingly beautiful all of the images are. Laura Dark is so unbelievably talented, and she has a fantastic team of people who pull all of this together.


Kalisa Aleksandrovna

The level of talent, experience, skill and creativity at Laura Dark Studios is unparalleled, regardless of what you may have experienced with comparable businesses. I have been a long time fan, actor, figure head with regards to the horror genre.


Joseph Knapik

A few years ago I came across Laura Dark Photography on Facebook. As a long time fan of pinup (especially with a goth twist) my heart was in my mouth! I absolutely wanted to do a shoot but I never felt like I would never be confident enough to try.

Sudzy Nixon

The first time I went to the studio, October 2016, I was instantly hooked!! I am not talented with hair and make up and I have never liked any pictures of myself, I now have several pictures that I just can’t stop looking at and I can’t wait to go again!!


Donna Grubb

I have had the honor of working with Laura and Team Dark twice now, and it’s not nearly enough. The entirety of the team is so incredibly warm and encouraging through the entire experience, you will feel like you have your own cheering squad.


Mandi & Bryan Maciver

Working with Laura Dark and her team is always a deeply rewarding experience. Every shoot has yielded amazing results and I could not be happier.


Noelle Dial

Laura captures ever dark movement and creative notion. She’s kind and has a stunning eye for detail. She brings every idea to life in stunning detail. Can’t wait to work with her again soon!


Erica Fitzgerald

I shot a double look session with Laura. The hair and make up team are absolutely exceptional as well as her other staff. She was very easy to work w and had a great sense of humor and wasn’t rushing you through your set.


Melissa Dillender

First things first Laura and her crew made me feel SO Comfortable! Super sweet, fun, inspirational ladies. They took care of my wardrobe, did my makeup beautifully and made me feel so confident with my finished look!


Shoshannah Petty